Grocery Stores and Charter Schools

By Aaron Rice
January 23, 2009

What if your local officials said to you, "As long as you live here, you will only shop at one grocery store - the one we choose for you?"

If you could get past the arrogance and the restriction on your freedom, you might be able to live with that dictate as long as your assigned store had what you needed.

But what if that store didn't have the food or other products you wanted or needed for your children? And what if your local officials - who also owned the store - didn't accommodate your request?

Change "grocery store" to "school" in that analogy, and you have a picture of our public school system today. As long as you live in a certain area, your child is assigned to a particular school, regardless of whether that school meets your child's needs. The only way you can choose a different public school is to move to another district. If you can't afford to do that, your children are trapped, and you can't do anything about it.

That can change if our legislature updates our law to allow charter schools to be created.

To learn about charter schools and to see a short movie about why Mississippi needs them, go to


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