Having wine shipped to a liquor store close to becoming law

By Aaron Rice
June 22, 2020

Those wanting to be able to order wine online and have it shipped to their house like residents in 43 other states are close to getting a small win. 

While direct shipment has long been dead for the year, something that looked even sillier after the coronavirus pandemic had most quarantined at home, House Bill 1088 will allow individuals to purchase wine from a winery and have it shipped to a liquor store. 

The House adopted the conference report in a 102-14 vote Friday morning. Soon after, it passed the Senate 37-10. It now awaits Gov. Tate Reeves' signature.

The main benefit of this is if you would like a product that the state liquor warehouse does not carry, you can order directly without having to jump through the traditional ABC-government hoops.

And perhaps Mississippians having the ability to order wine online, something they largely want, along with the continued inconvenience of having the liquor store middleman will help legislators move within the next year or two to allow true alcohol delivery. Rather than ceding to the demands of liquor stores who don’t want competition and can use their power created by a government monopoly to get their way.

Whether it is wine or liquor you order online or a drink you’d like delivered via an app like Uber Eats or Drizly, all Mississippians should have the option to make that choice for themselves. 

We just need to remember our free market principles when it comes to alcohol.


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