HB 1212: Triple the time it takes to become a real estate broker

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
June 10, 2020

House Bill 1212, sponsored by state Rep. Jason White, would prohibit a real estate broker from hiring salespersons until they have had their license for 36 months.

Right now, a real estate salesperson needs 12 months of experience working under a broker to earn their broker’s license. Under HB 1212, they could still do that, but would not be able to hire any salespersons for three years.

This isn’t the first time that this bill has made an appearance in the Mississippi legislature. In 2018, HB 1246 was passed by the legislature, but vetoed by then-Gov. Phil Bryant.

In his veto message, Bryant said the bill would be an over-burdensome law and a barrier to entry for potential brokers. He also said two more years of experience will not necessarily guarantee that a real estate salesperson will be better prepared to become a broker.

On both counts, Bryant is correct. Passage of this bill would make it harder to become a broker, which eliminates competition for existing licensees. Two more years of experience also won’t guarantee that a broker is more knowledgeable.

There isn’t some need for this. This is simply an attempt by current license holders to use the government to fend off new competition. 

MCPP has reviewed this legislation and finds that it violates our principles and therefore should be opposed. 

Read HB 1212.

Track the status of this and all bills in our legislative tracker.


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