Heath Bailey

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
September 8, 2020

“I run Bailey Farms and would like to see food freedom expanded in Mississippi.

“We have a small farm. Ten or so beef cows, three jersey dairy cows, a few pigs, and a yard full of chickens.

“We just recently sold out our commercial rabbitry. We had around 100 breeding doe rabbits. So with all the kits and fryers we usually had around 500 rabbits at one time. Now we are slowly growing a small calf cow operation with the intent of selling some grass-fed beef in the future. I am currently clearing more land for pasture. 

“If I were milking 10 cows, I could sell every drop of raw milk. There are studies that show the benefits of raw milk. I encourage everyone to do their research. 

“I know people question raw milk but do your own research and make an informed decision. If you think it’s dangerous, don’t buy it. We use belly style milkers that are cleaned and sanitized after every use. I literally see every ounce of milk we pour into glass jars.  

“I would encourage people considering raw milk to visit their local dairy farm and decide for themselves. We have healthy happy cows that live in pastures and eat grass. Mississippi State’s dairy cows spend 3/4 of the year living on concrete.

“If you buy a bad gallon of milk at the store, you pour it out and go back to the same store and buy another.  

“If I sell bad milk (which is hypothetical of course because selling raw milk is illegal), people won’t come back. So, I have an increased sense of awareness to making sure everything is clean and sanitized.”  

Heath Bailey
Bailey Farms
Eupora, Mississippi


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