Innovation and Investment Generate Job Growth in Mississippi

By Josiah Dalke
July 2, 2021

Some may often get a sense of uneasiness when considering the future, especially within the context of employment.  People seldom truly know what the future holds. Generally, whenever there is a hint of “new” technology making life easier, there may come a sense of worry that someone may have to lose their job.

However, nothing can be further from the truth, and while our society does continue to progress into a more autonomous state, the opportunity for jobs is still very much alive.  In fact, studies have shown that there is quite often a positive effect between technological innovation and employment opportunities.

In Mississippi, several innovations have the potential to grow the economy substantially.  In pursuance of scientific advances, Adranos, Inc., a company originating from Alabama, is making a corporate investment as part of its relocation close to the Stennis Space Center. While the initial job count is only in its beginnings, it can only increase as this company continues to settle in and develop their rocket motor technology.

The Ingalls Shipbuilding company, America’s largest military shipbuilding company, also continues to grow the Mississippi economy and provide additional jobs.  In fact, they are projected to provide over 3,000 jobs as they are “steadily adding new team members to the growing workforce.”  This likely due to an increase in efficiency as the company finds new ways to organizing their business through new technological systems.

Mississippi companies have observed these opportunities and have sought to capitalize upon it.  For example, C Spire, a Mississippi-based company, has sought to create opportunities for education and training in areas of STEM seeking to create a technological movement within the state.  This includes ensuring that schools have sufficient internet, people have the resources to learn coding, and IoT innovations and telehealth are expanded to provide quality care for pervasive health issues in Mississippi.

The best response to all of these opportunities is to allow them to grow. This can be done by embracing the technological advances that remain evident throughout the state.  Government should keep these lanes of innovation open as the people of Mississippi embrace the innovations that will progress the economy into further prosperity.


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