MCPP Launches "Tech Talks" Series

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
November 30, 2020

Here at the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, we believe that with its hard-working people, cutting-edge research centers, and low cost of living, Mississippi is a state with immense potential to make a substantial national impact on the rapidly emerging tech economy.

Considering the potential for technological expansion in our state, we are pleased to launch the Tech Talks interview series. In our Tech Talks, we will have engaging discussions with individuals from across the state who are making an impact on the advancement of technological prosperity in Mississippi through their initiative and innovation. We will hear their insights, stories, and expertise on a variety of important issues for tech innovation in Mississippi, ranging from regulatory reform to advancements in tech-driven solutions. We look forward to seeing the Tech Talks series as a place to showcase the past successes and future objectives that are driving the tech conversation in our state.

The series will be led by Matthew Nicaud, Mississippi Center for Public Policy’s new Tech Policy Analyst. His work will focus on engaging with tech policy from a free market-oriented perspective and working with policy and community leaders to advance public discussion on these issues.

Using these opportunities to interact with some of the best and brightest in our state, MCPP looks forward to further exploring the tech landscape and starting the conversation on tech policy issues. With the understanding that economic liberty leads to economic prosperity, we are excited to hear from pioneering tech leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs on how Mississippi can encourage tech advancements and reach new heights.

We invite you to join us as we showcase the Mississippi leaders that are making a difference in tech and promoting prosperity in our state!

Visit the Tech Talks homepage at:


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