Press Release - Mississippi Center for Public Policy Addresses the Immorality of the Income Tax

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
December 1, 2021


(Jackson, MS): The Mississippi Center for Public Policy continues its effort to make the case for the abolishment of the state income tax by addressing the immorality of the levy.

The inherent idea of an income tax suggests that, depending on how hard someone works and how much they earn, they will then be taxed accordingly. This is wrong.

For a government to take from its citizens, not because they have broken any law – but simply because they have worked for their earnings – is to pervert its own function and to misuse for injustice the power that it has been granted to maintain justice. Everyone should be treated equally under the law, including taxation, and contribute the same as every other citizen for the upkeep of the society in which they live.

"It's time to give Mississippi a boost and get our state growing," said Douglas Carswell, President & CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy. "Abolishing the state income tax would give every Mississippi worker a pay raise. It would mean they had more money to spend on their priorities and families."

People are better at spending their own money than the government. Leaving Mississippians to keep more of their money to spend on their preferences will ultimately make Mississippi's economy more efficient.

MCPP hopes to see cooperation between state leaders and offers these recommendations to see a successful implementation of abolishing the Mississippi income tax:

  • Keep non-income tax rates the same and appropriate the State's $1 billion surplus revenue to reduce the income tax revenues
  • Appropriate 50% of budget surpluses to reduce income tax revenues until it has been entirely eliminated
  • Place cap on State's general fund budget increases that prohibit increases above 1.5% annually

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy believes repealing the state's income tax would be both a moral and economic good, leading to higher incomes, competitiveness, and prosperity for all Mississippians.

You can read the FULL REPORT HERE.

For media inquiries, please reach out to Stone Clanton, [email protected].


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