Put State Checkbook Online

Would you like to know how your money is spent by your state government? I don=t mean just the broad categories and percentages we hear at the Capitol, but where specifically it is spent?

We at the Mississippi Center for Public Policy are calling on the state government to put its checkbook online for all to see precisely where our money is going. We believe that all information that is public should be made easily accessible to the public, which means it should be put on the internet in a searchable format. We also believe the terms of grants and contracts should be put online, allowing only proprietary or other legitimately private information to be excluded.

Having this information available would allow private organizations like ours to study it or competitors of government contractors to offer a product or service at a lower cost. It would provide more accountability to the public and better value in government purchases.

If you would like to help us advance this idea, or if you share our beliefs in the principles of government we have talked about this year, please help us with a tax-deductible contribution. Go to mspolicy.org, or call us at 601-969-1300.


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