Reeves clarifies restaurant executive order

By Aaron Rice
March 26, 2020

Gov. Tate Reeves announced today that he is clarifying his executive order from earlier in the week after it caused confusion among some mayors. 

Reeves’ order stopped dine-in service at restaurants, unless there are 10 or less people present, and mandated social distances practices were being followed.

Prior to that, many cities had fully stopped dine-in service in their towns, or in the case of a couple towns – issued stay-at-home orders. 

This then caused confusion among some city leaders, but Reeves clarified today that his order is the baseline, not the ceiling. If the locality had a more stringent order in place, that order still is in place. Or if they wanted to create a more rigid order tomorrow, they could still do that.

But if a city did not have any restrictions on the books, restaurants would not have to comply with Reeves’ order. 

Reeves also reiterated that he will continue to lean on the Department of Health for guidance on further ordinances. He left the door open for either a statewide lockdown, or even a city or regional lockdown if conditions are worse in certain areas. 


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