SB 2726/ HB 1299: Outlaw plastic straws from restaurants

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
February 20, 2020

Senate Bill 2726, sponsored by Sen. Derrick Simmons, and House Bill 1299, sponsored by Rep. Abe Hudson, would prohibit food establishments from offering plastic straws, unless requested by a customer.

This law would be enforced by the Department of Health and repeat offenders could receive fines of no more than $300 each year.

For the past few years, the left has moved to plastic straw bans in the name of saving the planet after winning the war on the evil cousin to straws, plastic bags. Saving the planet is a noble idea, if in fact you believe we only have limited years remaining. But plastic straws aren’t going to do it. At least not from America. The U.S. contributes about 1 percent of global plastic waste. Because we have well managed waste management and recycling facilities. In contrast, around 80 percent of plastic waste comes from China and other Asian countries that do not.

Many businesses in an attempt to show their wokeness have stopped using plastic straws. However misguided the virtue signaling may have been, it was the decision of a private company, not the state. And that is where it should stay.

MCPP has reviewed this legislation and finds that it violates our principles and therefore must be opposed.  

Read SB 2726 and HB 1299.

Track the status of this and all bills in our legislative tracker.


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