Some Politicians Want to Do What's Right

The good thing about this year's election campaign is that it's over. At this point, you probably just want to forget about politics, write off all politicians as untrustworthy, and say the system is hopelessly corrupt.

But I want to offer you a ray of hope. This year, our organization has been conducting a campaign called Governing by Principle, and we've found out that there are a lot of people who were elected on November 6 who really, honestly, genuinely want to do what's right and best for the state.

We will continue our campaign well into the future, providing legislators and the public with ideas and methods for applying foundational principles to every proposal they consider. But to succeed, we need your help. We need money, and I do hope you'll send us a tax-deductible contribution, but you can also help by talking about these principles in conversations with your family, friends, neighbors, and business associates.

To help you do that, order our primer titled Governing by Principle, which we'll send at no cost to you. To order a primer or to donate to us, go to or call us at 601-969-1300.


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