Specialty Schools Would Benefit Coast

By Aaron Rice
December 1, 2005

As the Coast rebuilds, there is an excellent opportunity for new schools to be created with special emphases.

For example, one or more schools near Stennis Space Center could have a high tech emphasis; in Bay St. Louis, there could be an art emphasis; in Gulfport, a school could focus on courses related to the medical field. Biloxi could have a school with a curriculum and style consistent with Department of Defense schools, which are known for their superior quality of educating children from all backgrounds.

In Jackson County, near the refinery and the shipyards, there could be schools with a more technical or mechanical emphasis. All these schools would teach courses required by the state, but electives and apprenticeships in these fields would be prominent in the course offerings.

Children would only go to these schools if their parents chose to send them there. And, the schools would be available to children whether they live in the district where the school is located or not. All of this can only occur with a change in state law to allow it, so let your legislators know you support this idea.For more ideas on rebuilding, go to rebuildingmississippi.org.�


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