The High Road to Freedom

By Aaron Rice
December 18, 2019

What is the high road and why do we need to take it to freedom?

At the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, our duty is to pave the way so citizens are free to choose their own version of flourishing — unencumbered by government’s barriers and burdens. We believe the best way to get every Mississippian on the high road to freedom is to first hold government to its constitutionally limited role so that free market ideas and mechanisms are robust and so that private institutions can blossom. 

That was the inspiration behind the High Road to Freedom, MCPP’s new policy guide with more than 100 policy recommendations on 28 of the most pressing issues in our state. Each topic is backed by rationale, data, ideas, and principles and can be put into action. 

Click here to download and read The High Road to Freedom.

It is our goal that this will serve as a policy guide over the next four years. We will continue to have luncheons that highlight individual issues and run op-eds in newspapers through the state. And when the legislature returns in a couple weeks, we will regularly turn to this book to outline our position on an issue and the reasoning behind it. 

There has never been a question about where we stand or what we believe will be the right policy. This just makes it clear for everyone.

Finally, we didn’t do this because we love policy, but rather because we love people. When we love people, we want them to have every opportunity to raise their eyes to the wonders of what is possible and to be willing to endeavor to live the life they have imagined for themselves and for their loved ones. 

You can check out the High Road to Freedom here.


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