The Ideal of Liberty

It's easy in a political campaign to focus only on the issues of the moment. But to be a statesman - one who is worthy of being lauded by future generations - requires guarding the foundation of freedom we inherited from those before us.

Our Founders did not risk their lives to establish a jobs program or to fund education. They were devoted not to a political party or any particular leader, but to an ideal - the ideal of liberty.

It's time for those of us who believe in liberty to stand up and declare to our current generation the principles our Founders believed.

To help you with that, we have written a 45-page primer titled Governing by Principle. This booklet describes ten principles we believe are foundational to liberty. It is written in everyday language to help you articulate what you already believe, so you can talk about the principles in regular conversations with your family or friends. You can also ask candidates where they stand on these principles.

To get your copy, go to, or call us at 601-969-1300.


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