To Win, Stick to Your Principles

By Aaron Rice
January 20, 2010

Perhaps the most important lesson from the Massachusetts Senate race is: stick to your principles. The winner in that race, Scott Brown, is a fiscal and social conservative. He made no excuses for his beliefs, and he didn't try to "moderate" his position on issues to try to attract independent voters

And he won. In Massachusetts. To fill the seat of a deceased liberal icon.

In recent years, several conservative candidates in left-leaning states were doing well in the polls until they changed their position on an issue, hoping to draw more votes from the political middle. But in every case I can recall, that strategy has backfired, and the candidate has lost.

Voters are starved for leaders who are honest about who they are. They are also starved for candidates who will stand on the principles on which our country was founded. To learn more about those principles and how to use them to evaluate candidates, order our booklet Governing by Principle. Go to or call us at Triple-8 MS Policy.


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