U.S. History Test Should be Replaced

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
February 15, 2016

By Forest Thigpen

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High school students in Mississippi are required to take a US History test before graduating. But you won’t find George Washington or Abraham Lincoln on that test.

Many of the great problems we face in our country stem from a lack of appreciation for our unique role in human history. Whether they followed them perfectly or not, our nation's Founders built our country on a set of principles that recognized the inherent value of the individual, created by God, with certain rights and powers.

It's critical that our high school graduates have a basic understanding of these principles. The current U.S. History test should be replaced with the Civics Test given to immigrants who want to become U.S. citizens. Its 100 questions cover some current facts, such as the name of the president, and a good smattering of questions that cover the whole span of U.S. History.

Let your legislators know you think students should be tested on all U.S. History.


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