Annexation Without a Vote is Wrong

By Aaron Rice
January 26, 2006

Annexation is a hot topic in some parts of the state - hot not only because it's current but because it often stirs the deepest emotions of the people who are involved. As many in our state know all too well, the people who live in areas proposed for annexation do not get the opportunity to vote on the matter. Even their elected representatives in county government are prevented from voting in their behalf. This is patently un-American.

If a city wants to annex the area where you live and can convince a judge that it will provide good services, and if it can meet a few other criteria, the judge can rule in the city's favor. Under our current law, it doesn't matter whether the people who live in that area agree that those services are worth the extra tax money the city will assess.

When people choose to live in a certain area, they go into it knowing what the tax structure is, what regulations they will have to follow, and other matters dealing with government. It is flat-out wrong to allow another government to add to those burdens without the people of that area having a vote in the matter, either directly or through their elected officials.


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