Ask "How" Education Money is Spent, not just "How Much"

By Aaron Rice
June 27, 2006

A new organization is being created to inform people of Mississippi whether their legislators are voting to quote "fully fund education." In announcing this group, its founders implied that the only measure of whether a legislator supports education is if they vote to fund the current system of public schools, regardless of how the money is actually spent. They seem to be for more spending, even if it doesn't produce better results.

The only year the legislature so-called "fully funded education," which was for the 2003-04 school year, the average teacher salary rose only three percent, even though "full funding" was calculated based on a six percent raise. That actually was the lowest increase in average teacher salaries of any year since 2002. If education is "fully funded" again, will it go to the classroom this time, or will it again go to other items?

We need to be concerned with how money is spent, not just how much is spent.


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