Financial Impact of Charter Schools

One of the concerns about charter schools is that the money will follow the child to the school. Whatever would be spent on a child in public school A would now be spent on that child in public charter school B. If the money going to a child's current school - money which is supposedly appropriated to educate that child - is not accomplishing that goal, wouldn't it be better to use that money at a school where he or she will learn?

The fact is that the money follows the student now, as parents move out of many cities because their county district is better. Cities should support charters if for no other reason than to offer their constituents another reason to stay in town and help maintain the local tax base.

I also wonder, why are the districts so worried? If their schools are as good as they say they are, why would anybody want to leave?

The education establishment has built a Berlin Wall around the current system, keeping their own people from escaping to better opportunities. We must continue to encourage legislators to tear down that wall.

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