Johnny and Carrie Beal

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
September 23, 2020

“Our farm is Heaven’s Blessings Family Farm.

“We raise sheep, goats, and our food. We have started raising mini Jersey and Dexters over the last six years. We bought standard Jersey again this year and also added Lowline Aberdeen. We also have chickens and Hereford hogs and Duroc. We sell calves from our cows once they are weaned, halter trained, and will lead. We have sold eggs and hatched eggs to sell chicks, but we no longer do at this time.

“We have had several people ask us to purchase raw milk, but we aren’t allowed to do that in Mississippi. 

“We put a lot of money into our animals for feed, hay, vets, minerals, vitamins, plus meds when needed. If we could sell our milk, butter and other things we grow or make it could help with these costs. 

“Our farm would actually support itself and we wouldn’t have to take our earned money off our jobs if our farm could supplement our income.”

Johnny and Carrie Beal
Heaven’s Blessings Family Farm
Richton, Mississippi 


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