Lara Severs: Kay Lynn Salon

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
April 17, 2020

"I work in a small salon. Two women, that is all.

"When the changes came about, we complied. Making sure there were no more than four people in the salon at any time. We are never face to face with anyone. It is called 'behind the chair' for a reason.

"We were closed days later. We closed our doors on March 27th with the lie that we could reopen on the 7th of April. But that was pushed back until the 20th of April. Now we are looking at May 1st, maybe.

"I had been out of work for over a year. This means I do not qualify for unemployment, any type of business loans, or anything at all. I am living off the money I saved to pay my taxes. Which is now gone.

"At least I have until June. Except I still need to pay booth rent and supplies."

Laura Severs
Kay Lynn Salon
Gautier, Mississippi


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