Mississippi is projected to have the medical resources needed when the state hits its peak medical equipment usage from the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday. 

That projection is according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

The state will need 100 ICU beds, while 340 are available. The state will need 410 hospital beds, with 5,733 available. Eighty-nine ventilators are needed.

Louisiana is the only neighboring state to have insufficient resources. It hit its peak on April 14, with 648 ICU beds needed and 477 available.

Most shortages were in the Northeast, which has been the national hotspot for coronavirus. Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York all had deficits of hospital beds and ICU beds. Massachusetts did not have enough ICU beds. 

For the most part though, beds have not been an issue. 

StateHosp. beds availableHosp. beds neededICU beds availableICU beds needed