One Year Later - Mississippi Justice Institute

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
February 6, 2017

Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of the birth of the Mississippi Justice Institute.
One Year Ago

Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of the birth of the Mississippi Justice Institute. We created MJI on February 1, 2016, as a division of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy with its purpose to fight for and defend the Constitutional rights of all Mississippians!

In just 365 days, we have been able to do more than many of our counterparts around the country.

Defending Religious Freedom
When threatened with a lawsuit from an out-of-state atheist group, we stood up for a local school district and high school football coach who dared to practice his faith with football players during their own time and away from school grounds.Details Here

Pursuing the American Dream
We have fought for the right of taxi cab drivers who don't want a handout but simply want an opportunity to start their own small business and live the American dream, but are prevented from doing so by outdated, anti-competitive local regulations.Details Here

Fighting for Parents & Students
We continue to fight for parents of children who are attending charter public schools, who just want the right to escape failing schools, have a choice in deciding what is best for their children and receive a quality education.Details Here

Advocating for Government Transparency
And finally we are fighting for transparency in government, representing local folks who want their government to simply follow the law and conduct public meetings openly. We're fighting for transparency with cases in Columbus and Lauderdale County.Details Here
And Here

You Can Join The Fight
It's no coincidence that the Mississippi Justice Institute was founded on National Freedom Day because every day we at MJI are looking to protect the freedom, liberty and independence that we were granted by our Creator.We're proud to be the legal arm of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy fighting for you.

Join us in this fight. Contact us with cases, make a tax-deductible contribution to our cause, and refer our services to others. It is only through cooperation and collaboration with other Freedom Fighters like you that we will be victorious as we seek justice for all. Thank you.

Mike Hurst
Director, Mississippi Justice Institute
Mike Hurst

 | Mississippi Justice Institute | (601) 969-1300 | [email protected] |


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