SB 2725 & HB 1210: Allow the cultivation of hemp

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
February 20, 2020

House Bill 1210, sponsored by Rep. Dana Criswell, and Senate Bill 2725, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Younger, would allow for the cultivation of hemp in Mississippi. This is currently legal in 47 states. 

We have seen a massive move toward hemp legalization at the state level after the 2018 Farm Bill expanded the cultivation of hemp. Previously, federal law did not differentiate hemp from other cannabis plants, even though you can’t get high from hemp. Because of this, it was essentially made illegal. But we did have pilot programs or limited purpose small-scale program for hemp, largely for research. 

Now, hemp cultivation is much broader, with the Farm Bill allowing the transfer of hemp across state lines, with no restrictions on the sale, transport, or possession of hemp-derived products. There are still limitations, but most states have taken the opportunity to find new markets for those who would like to cultivate hemp. 

While law enforcement has raised concerns about the inability to distinguish between hemp and marijuana, that should not distract from the fact that hemp could be an economic boost for many, and something the state should not prohibit. 

MCPP has reviewed this legislation and finds that it is aligned with our principles and therefore should be supported. 

Read SB 2725 and HB 1210.

Track the status of this bill and all bills in our legislative tracker


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