Speaking at Heritage

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
June 3, 2022

Mississippi has made some big policy changes for the better – that was the message Douglas Carswell delivered to a meeting at the Heritage Foundation in Nashville this week.

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy CEO & President Douglas Carswell spoke at the annual Heritage Foundation Resource Bank meeting, a convention comprising several think tank professionals, community leaders and elected officials from across the country who hope to create change and leave a positive impact. 

Speaking during the “Winning in the States: Highlighting 2022 Victories” session on Thursday, Carswell discussed several of MCPP’s wins throughout the past year, including the Mississippi Income Tax elimination plan, occupational licensing reform and the removal of public school Critical Race Theory teaching practices. Due to these achievements, Carswell, along with three other think tank members across the country, spoke on the successes of conservative policies. 

MCPP helped push the idea of an income tax elimination throughout the 2022 Mississippi legislative session, with lawmakers settling on a four-year phase-out plan beginning in 2023. Removing a bureaucratic barrier that kept skilled newcomers from making a living, the Occupational Licensing Reform law allows people who move to Mississippi from out of state to maintain their license, something MCPP achieved by working with multiple state entities. The Critical Race Theory bill, written by MCPP, ensured that Mississippi public schools and universities do not teach that any one group is superior or inferior to another. 

Carswell said he was delighted to speak at the conference about these topics, expressing that the liberty movement is rebuilding and winning at the state level. 

“I loved sharing with the audience how Mississippi is leading the way with a flat income tax, occupational licensing bill and a new law to combat Critical Race theory,” Carswell said. “These are big wins, and they’re getting national attention.”


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