The Coast Still Needs Help

Now that Congress has appropriated money to help rebuild south Mississippi, it would be easy for those of us who live north of the areas most affected by the storm to think that nothing else is needed. That's always the problem with government programs; they lull people into thinking any problem is solved if the government is spending money on it. Or, if they don't really believe the government will solve the problem, they at least can alleviate any sense of personal responsibility to help those who are in need.Last week, exactly four months after the hurricane, I went into areas along and near the Coast where I had not been since the storm. What I had heard so many times is still true: there are no pictures, there is no video footage that can convey the utter destruction wreaked by this hurricane.The people in south Mississippi, especially in the coastal counties, still need our physical help, as so many churches continue to provide. But they also need our state legislature to provide tax breaks and other incentives to encourage private businesses to invest in south Mississippi. For ideas on how to do this, go to


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