The Freedom Movement is Alive and Well

By Aaron Rice
November 1, 2009

When facing the daily Washington onslaught of threats to our liberty, you can be encouraged that there are organizations all over the country who still believe in and are fighting for the principles of freedom on which our nation was founded.

This week, I'm in Asheville, North Carolina, along with some of our staff, meeting with our counterparts from more than 50 similar organizations who believe in a limited role for government and a prominent role for individual freedom and for private enterprise exercised through a free market. These organizations are not based in Washington but in the states, where our nation's founders intended legitimate government power to be concentrated.

We'll be developing ideas and strategies to resurrect that notion of federalism, and we'll be exploring ways to bring free-market solutions to the problems in our society that have been made worse every time the government has tried to fix them.

By the way, you can read, listen to, and even download these commentaries on our website. Go to and click on Commentaries.


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