What is the Role of Government in Rebuilding

What is the proper role of government in the process of rebuilding south Mississippi? Our organization has suggested, along with the governor and others, that private investment is the key to recovery. So what can the government do to attract private investment?

The short answer is that less means more. Now, before you accuse me of spending too much time around politicians, let me explain. When it comes to doing business, too many decisions are based on the tax impact or the paperwork required by government regulation, rather than being focused on meeting the needs of the customers and expanding the business, which would lead to additional jobs.

If the government would tax job-creating businesses less, it would mean more investment and more jobs - more quickly. If the government required less paperwork and compliance with unnecessary regulation, it would mean more focus on things that really do matter.

Government can also provide infrastructure such as roads that will help businesses get customers in and/or ship products out. But even that can be done in large part by allowing the free market to work.

For more ideas on rebuilding, go to rebuildingmississippi.org


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