Julianna Wallace: Southeastern Biomedical

By Mississippi Center for Public Policy
November 13, 2020

“At 22, I became the head biomedical engineer at Merit Health in Natchez. A year later, I started freelancing, with the approval of my hospital administrator. 

“My business, Southeastern Biomedical, provides clinical engineering services for medical facilities in Mississippi and Louisiana, focusing on rural areas. The engineering program at Mississippi State taught me an important lesson to remember when starting a business: don’t start with just an idea – first, find a problem, and then, provide a solution. 

“When I moved to Natchez, I soon learned the surrounding rural areas did not have options for biomedical engineering services. I started Southeastern Biomedical because I want these rural clinics to be able to “shop around” for their clinical engineering needs -- not be locked into having to rely only on large corporations. 

“Rural towns need medical clinics for their communities. Southeastern Biomedical provides support services to help sustain these clinics. We are nimbler and less expensive. Often, we can diagnose and fix problems that corporate staff cannot.

“I want to see Mississippi grow and prosper. Small businesses create jobs. I see a bright future – not only for engineers in Mississippi, but for female engineers in particular. Biomedical engineering will play a significant role in Mississippi's and the Southeast's expanding contribution to biomedical technology and innovation. Amazing advancements in medicine and care will occur over the next decade. 

“I am excited to be part of it!”

Julianna Wallace
Southeastern Biomedical
Natchez, Mississippi


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